title: Jimmy jenseits
format: 16 mm
length: 7 min
sound: magnet/mono
music: Annuncio Mantovani [Erno Rapee]" Charmaine"
production: 1993, felderfilm
first screening: 19.4.1994; Hamburg
prices: Sonderpreis des Hessischen Rundfunks Kassel

available formats: 16 mm/BETA-SP/DVD/Video-CD/CD-ROM/S-VHS/VHS
actors: Wolfgang Miech, Florian Dietz
genre: Dokumentarfilm
synopsis: Jimmy performs in his living room unorthodox mourning about the not-carried out act of interhuman approximation.

sales&distribution (16mm): Kurzfilmagentur Hamburg

publication : Von Politik, Sex und anderen Dingen
                  MATERIAL VERLAG HAMBURG, Edition Film 2
                  Hrsg.: Maike Höhne
                  DVD mit 24 Filmen + Texten
                  ISBN: 3-938158-00-x

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A portrait of Jimmy as he recounts his romantic affair with a stranger – created through a juxtaposition of nautical and domestic imagery with a bit of oral sex which has proven to withstand the test of more than a decade.
Stephanie Hutin, CalArts LA, 4.5.2005

[... ] to a somewhat down-'n-out sailor and his last romantic meeting in Jimmy the other world of Romeo Grünfelder adheres kind of tragedy - despite his admirable ability to take his own fate not too seriously. One suspects that the structure of relationship is not easier for rich people than for Jimmy.
Marcel Schwierin, catalog Filmtage Oberhausen, May 2005

[...] In the fantasy of the not everyday kind like JIMMY IN THE OTHER WORLD, an odd, old man tells us with the bottle in the hand in all seriousness, that an unknown beautiful one rings frequently at his house door with ambiguous intention to tear off his clothes of his body. Is it true, is it invented, and if, of whom? Whom cares relating the joy, which emerges from this documentary film (?).
Carl Andersen, Neues Deutschland 21.07.94

JIMMY IN THE OTHER WORLD is almost a exotic, hard number, but in front of the camera Jimmy tells openly and honestly, what peppers his life [...]
TAZ Hamburg 14.4.94

[...] in this "self-manifestation" there’s founded a medial or a self-mental fantasy conception, which could be optionally also be a cinematic and which stands in contrast to the reality. The caught atmosphere is supported by environmental oriented metaphors, tones and soft mood music. But Grünfelder remains with his authentic material and does not commentate the shots by interpretive assembly. His films don’t degenerate to "Freak"Shows, but live by the noticeable interest in his "selfmade actors". Here the spectator is not forced to laugh disrespectfully, but in connection of the told, one ’s sensitized with the environement and milieu and for the stituation of the people in front of the camera. This succeeds already in Gruenfelders’ short film debut JIMMY IN THE OTHER WORLD, evenly when Jimmy decorates his alleged meetings with beautiful unknown quantities erotically and we see him at the same time in his poor and oppressive, everyday living conditions [...]
Dirk Steinkühler, Der Schnitt #1-98


Yes, and door bell was ringing, I pushed, first I pushed the intercom button, asked, who's there, got a name, which I didn't know After all, I pushed the dooropener and said: "Come up"ah yes.And then I keep waiting in the pergola -pergola might be a wellknown term, so, it's like a corridor for all the apartments in a block - yes, and then there's entering a woman, in that pergola, so I asked:"What's your desire?" because I didn't know her."Yes"she said, "ahm...actually I wouldn't like anything I only want a little bit to fuck.And - I was terribly shocked;I'm quite hardened, I have been seafarer for over 20 years, but in this case I didn't know anything what's up, "Yes"shesaid, "come, come, come, come on", pushed me into my apartment, played with my wheenie, yes. And so I got terribly hot, and suddenly she puts herself up a fight, 'n'said:"I don't want to, no!"was running out of the room on the balcony -I've got a quite big balcony -'s running out, I thougth, she will come back after a short duration, but no, she didn't come, ant then I regarded her crawling on the floor, when she jumped over the balcony, to the street, through a clump of bushes to the street, and, yes, then I regarded her while she escaped and then she leaved in direction Mundsburg, subway station.And what happended afterwards.. then I didn't saw her never ever again, for a few months, but then I met her again, and she said: "Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy..." - Jimmy is my nickname -yes, and, I didn't know how to handle this old bag, no, normally I'm not dump, but, yes - she said: "I visit you tomorrow once more again". And the next day she was at my door again. Not? I said: "What do you actually want? Fuckin'or not?" She said: "No, I don't really like to fuck, and..."I said:"Then piss off". No. Yes, and then she really pissed off But a few days later she came back again.That happened three or four times. Up until now she didn't come again, since a few months yet.But I meet her often on the street, when I'm shopping at SKY's or any other shop, yes, then I meet her, saying: "What's up?"No, no, no, no, no ...yes, and that's actually all...




©2004 felderfilm