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All relevant data at a glance.

The plot in different lengths and as Word formated file.

Transcription of the movie in german language.

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Biography Romeo Grünfelder
, Director

Portrait Director
Photo jpg 300dpi

Artist Statement
About random principle especially and some background information in general

Düsseldorf Nachhilfe Universität

Filmstill 1
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Filmstill 2
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Filmstill 3
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Excerpt 1:56'
Explanations at the board
1920x1080 H264 230MB .mov

Excerpt 1:14'
Phonecall with a sceptic
1920x1080 H264 234MB .mov
Excerpt 2:20'
What is random?
1920x1080 H264 481MB .mov
Interview Hagel 2:21'
(german, without subtitles)
1920x1080 H264 129MB .mov
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Trailer 2:29'
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