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POP-UP #Fotofilm Masterclass
The thoughtography by TED SERIOS, Romeo Grünfelder (Hamburg)

Sa, 27.11.2021, 18:30 - 20:00h

ZOOM and live stream:
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POP-UP #Fotofilm Masterclass
subversion d'image - Filmanthologie, Romeo Grünfelder (Hamburg)

So, 28.11.2021, 17:00 -18:15h

ZOOM and live stream:
oapplication for ZOOM Link, visit

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Random Principle (Prinzip Zufall)
S8/35 mm Cinemascope S/W DolbySR 2011
  A documentation about paranormal experiments with significant tendencies in chaotic systems. In colaboration with the psycho physisist Johannes Hagel, IPP Cologne.

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Random Principle(Prinzip Zufall) - Exhibition
Kunstagenten, Berlin
Vernissage: 11.6., Duration 12.6. - 17.7.2010
  Solo Show with new works
Watch the report about the exhibition at (german)

Gallery Feldbuschwiesner >>

naissance d'un objet at
"The Jack Goldstein Connections" - Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt
Duration: 20.11.2009 – 30.01.2010

  The exhibition „The Jack Goldstein Connections“ at Galerie Anita Beckers presents paintings by one of the most important and yet unknown artists of the last thirty years, the Canadian-born Jack Goldstein (*1945-2003). Currently, the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt (MMK) presents an extensive retrospective devoted to this artist (October 3rd – January 10th, 2010).

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Ted Serios - Photographer and Medium
Exhibition (in preparation)

In the 1960s, Chicago resident Ted Serios became notorious for the production of nensha on Polaroid film supposedly using only his psychic powers. His abilities were endorsed by Jule Eisenbud, a Denver-based psychiatrist who wrote a book lauding Serios’ talents called The World of Ted Serios: “Thoughtographic” studies of an extraordinary mind. Serios’ images, which often appeared surrounded by dark areas on the film, were often of typical postcard scenes. Serios eventually was only able to produce his photographs while holding “the gismo” to his forehead. This device has been described as a “short part of a
Cylinder, formed from a single piece of photographic paper. “

As Eisenbud’s book readily admits, many of Serios’ thoughtographs were produced while
Serios was drunk or drinking alcohol. According to Eisenbud, “Ted Serios exhibits a behavior pathology with many character disorders. He does not abide by the laws and customs of our society. He ignores social amenities and has been arrested many times. His psychopathic and sociopathic personality manifests itself in many other ways. He does not exhibit selfcontrol and will blubber, wail and bang his head on the floor when things are not going his way.”

Most of Serios’s feats were dismissed as a simple hoax by most educated people. Eisenbud’s faith in Serios was extreme, and even as late as the 1980s, Eisenbud claimed that previously unidentified thoughtographs were images of Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter. Pictures of Ganymede had only become available a year before thanks to Voyager 2. “Unfortunately,” wrote Eisenbud, “I couldn’t get an astronomer or optical scientist to agree.” Since 1967 Teds ability to produce inexplicable structures on Polaroid vanishes more and more.

Ted Serios died at 30 December 2006 at the age of 88 years due to cancer. The exhibition
project “Ted Serios - Photograph and medium” shows the first time unknown parts of the
extensive collection of Jule Eisenbuds investigation.

Public Relations – Film Festivals for Filmmakers
Report shorfilm Magazin - Short Film Scene Germany, Nov 2009
  For most filmmakers, short film festivals and events represent the only opportunity they have to present their films to an audience. Any further exploitation of their work (such as TV, DVD, internet, archives, art scene) is only ever open to a small number of films. There has already been much debate and reporting about the complex causes of this. But for their own part, filmmakers regard short film festivals especially as important forums for exchanges, as markets, as places of self-assertion and discourse, and last but not least, as adequate screening locations for their films.

All future screenings and upcoming events at a glance (temporary unavailable).