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desi're - the Goldstein reels
35 mm 1:1.37 color mono 3:30 min 2006
An old celluloid film is labeled as being from the estate of Jack Goldstein. The unusual S8 footage is nevertheless difficult to interpret. Due to partially missing data, place, time and author cannot be determined and keep the beholder in the dark. The ongoing investigation has not been able to produce a reasonable explanation of the circumstances.

35 mm of 1:1.85 S/W DolbySR 2:30min 2004
Two shots, one car? RALLYE insists on the collision of two indetermined film images. The viewer therefore generates concatenations, which are subject to the cut, instead of cuts, which are subject to the concatenation.

borderline pilots
35 mm of 1:1.85 color DolbySR 9min 2002
Portrait of the New Yorker bicycle couriers team X-MEN. Related to the eponymous Marvel Comic series and the Hollywood film version. In post production.

35 mm of 1:1.37 color DolbySR 13min 2000
A psychokubistic Portrait of the physicist Illobrand von Ludwiger and his interpretation of the six-dimensional uniform quantum field theory in the area of serious UFO research.

Shahrzadeh Scampolo
16 mm of color mono 15min 1996
Scampi Naters idiosyncratic interpretation of the 1000 and first night with the Prince of Persia.

Jimmy from the other world
16 mm of color mono 7min 1993
Jimmy performs in his living room the unorthodox mourning about the inhibited act of interpersonal approach.



The blond angel
12min HI8 1996
About flying dutchmen and other unknown flying objects. Sailor's yarn in the texture of the reinkarnation Marlene Dietrich.

sky over Freiburg
10min HI8 1995
In a living room of a suburb of Freiburg an unusual meeting with the Indian religion founder and Guru SATHYA SAI BABA takes place: "blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." (Joh. 20/29)

concern crusher
12min HI8 1995

Data streaming, redundancy and psychoanalysis - the almost automatically speaking of the homeless Kaspar (Helmut Tajden) raises more questions, than he can answer. The splitting in the meaning of the article and the article itself comes close to the completely usual insanity.



horror vacui
Anthology associated to "naissance d'un objet" / Exhibition subversion d'image
With essays of Aristoteles, Peter Geimer, Romeo Grünfelder, David Hume, Louis Kaplan, Thomas Mann, Ursula Panhans-Bühler, Robert Pfaller, Gabi Schaffner, Jeoffrey Sconce, Martin Winter, Yvonne Wübben, Christian Wüthrich.
Associated to "naissance d'un objet", a re-enactment of the photography "les spectateurs" by the surrealist photographer Paul Nougé.
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public relation - festivals for moviemakers
shorfilm magazine - Kurzfilmszene Deutschland, 11.2009
For most filmmakers, short film festivals and events represent the only opportunity they have to present their films to an audience. Any further exploitation of their work (such as TV, DVD, internet, archives, art scene) is only ever open to a small number of films. There has already been much debate and reporting about the complex causes of this. But for their own part, filmmakers regard short film festivals especially as important forums for exchanges, as markets, as places of self-assertion and discourse, and last but not least, as adequate screening locations for their films.

Nelson Effect
Comic-Storyboardvorlage für einen Dokumentarfilm
Drawing: Timur Seidel; Story: Romeo Grünfelder
Graphic Novel “Nelson Effect”, according the conception of a documentary film about experimental psycho-physical, local correlation effects. Storyboard draft for Prinzip Zufall (random principle)
23x17cm, paperback, 24 pages, edit. 500
Editor: The Green Box Kunst Editionen, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-908175-41-4
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Prinzip Zufall
Exhibition Gallery Feldbuschwiesner (formerly Kunstagenten) Vernissage: 11.6.2010,
Duration 12.6. - 17.7.2010

Solo Show witn new works about the randomness within artistic work.
exhibition report:

Group Show
[desi're:] - the Goldstein reels
"Das im Entschwinden Erfasste" - Folkwang Museum Essen
Duration 5.6. - 1.8.2010

Videoart at Museum Folkwang.
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[desi're:] - the Goldstein reels at
"The Jack Goldstein Connections" - Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt
Duration: 20.11.2009 – 30.01.2010

The exhibition „The Jack Goldstein Connections“ at Galerie Anita Beckers presents paintings by one of the most important and yet unknown artists of the last thirty years, the Canadian-born Jack Goldstein (*1945-2003). Currently, the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt (MMK) presents an extensive retrospective devoted to this artist (October 3rd – January 10th, 2010).
The exhibition in the gallery tries to confront Goldstein´s works with those of Romeo Grünfelder (*1968), Gregor Hildebrandt (*1974), Monica Jäger (*1974), Clare Langan (*1967) and Bjørn Melhus (*1966). The show brings into dialogue the work of Jack Goldstein together with that of younger artists exploring what could be thought of as some Jack Goldsteins´s most influential ideas and legacy.
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Ted Serios - Photograph and Medium
(concept phase)

The thoughtography of Ted Serios. Excerpts of the Polaroid-Collection Jule Eisenbud.

Der Malteser
Exhibition Gallery Ruzicska Weiss Düsseldorf 14.3. - 26.4.2009

About the a-logical combination of cine-aesthetical modulations.
exhibition report: (german)

subversion d'image
Ausstellung Kunstagenten, Berlin 31.5. - 5.7.2008

Filmproduction as concept. Relating the photography "les spectateurs" by Paul Nougé.



digital MediaNetWork 2003
Production Coordinaton
Digital media festival between airway, subway, several TV stations, gasoline stations and internet. Cooperation with HH1 TV,, Infoscreen Media AG, united screens, billboard, Bahn-TV, Lufthansa AG, WSFF LosAngeles

digital MediaNetWork 2001
Production Coordinaton / artist
The first digital media festival between subway, TV and internet.
Cooperation with Offener Kanal TV, HH1 TV, and Infoscreen Media AG.